You Like Windows Phone, What?

July 14, 2015

Yes, I said it. The technology advisor who has used Macs since 1999 and the first release of OS X. Yes, he who has had multiple Macs, all iPad models and iPhones 4 through 6. The Nokia Lumia 1020, its Windows 8 operating system and the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft are changing my tune about productivity and the toolset I need at the office, home and on the road.

I’ve been looking at the balance of apps on the app stores (not just quantity – but what I actually need on phone versus on tablet or laptop) as well as what is my best productivity workflow. Thus, while I maybe can work on my iPhone with there being an app for just about everything – is it the best place to work or the best use of time?

Game changers for me include:

  • Cortana outperforming Siri and Google Now where I need it most – in the car
  • The balance of the right critical apps on Windows phone plus the ability to use the Surface Pro 3 as both tablet and lapotop

Tune in to the latest episode of The Digital Well podcast and hear about my now nearly two-year experiment with multiple smart phones, tablets and operating systems.



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2 comments on “You Like Windows Phone, What?

  1. Mitchell Bueter Jul 18, 2015

    I pre ordered my Surface Pro 3 and have had it about a year. I really love it. It’s the only machine I use. At home, office and on the road. Currently using a Blackberry Q10. I can update but VZ doesn’t have the BlackBerry Passport that I’d like. Have you looked at the BlackBerry 10 OS? I’m looking at moving to a Win phone but just not ready…

    • Thanks Mitchell for your comment and question. I am a former power user of Blackberry. I continue to be very tempted to try the Blackberry Classic (the new edition) again as I do have an ATT account and they carry it. One of the keys in the v10 OS is support for also installing Android apps. While some have been upset that it supports only the Amazon app store – as you can see from the episode – I am not sold on having to get an app for everything on your phone. I do think Blackberry will live on – likely as a platform (for enterprise, on servers) and perhaps as a mobile device manager for other phones – and finally – could very well release an Android phone on Blackberry hardware. That last one could be intriguing..

      I cannot wait to see what is in store for the next Surface Pro refresh.

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