Windows 10 is Coming (and it looks interesting)

July 7, 2015

Pre-Windows Background

Many listeners to The Digital Well know I have been experimenting heavily with operating systems the last 24 months from phones to tablets and laptops. Briefly, I started on computers with DOS and on to Windows 3, 98 and XP before discovering Mac OS X at its launch in 1999. I have also dabbled with Linux since 1996.

I have embraced the Apple ecosystem quite loyally through the past 16 years, though I am always trying new devices and platforms to stay current on the wide range of tech in our lives. The past two years have seen Android devices (on AT&T and Sprint), respectively the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Also on AT&T I have been seriously using a Nokia Lumia 1020 running Windows 8 Mobile for the past 15 months. Finally I have worked through an iPhone 4, 4s and now have an iPhone 6 Plus in hand from Sprint.

Likewise with laptops, I have my trusted 2013 Macbook Air 13″ (working fine but showing the cosmetic punishment of being on the road with me) and an iPad Mini Retina.

The Surface Pro 3 Discovery (and Nokia Phone)

Interestingly, when I picked up a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, I found the first hardware that allowed me to feel natural using Windows 8. Likewise, its dual use as laptop (the snap on keyboard is quite good) and tablet (the screen works nicely watching Netflix or working with Buffer for social media publishing or Basecamp for projects). Moreover, when paired with the Windows phone, I discovered two outcomes:

  1. I could go on road with a lighter bag – only two devices instead of three
  2. The reduced number of apps on the Microsoft app store did not disrupt me as I can access full featured apps on the Surface Pro 3 in both laptop and tablet mode – eliminating the need for the app on the phone.

While that discussion is for another day – it does beg to question how much I was spending on apps on the iPhone and iPad when I did not need them when using the Microsoft combo of devices. Hmm. Nearly heresy from an Apple adopter eh?

Windows 10 Has Some Intriguing Capabilities

Tune in as I discuss some key capabilities of the forthcoming Windows 10 on July 29.

  • How do you reserve your free copy?
  • Cortana – who? (a virtual personal assistant that seriously challenges Siri and Google Now)
  • Microsoft Edge – the new browser meant to compete against Chrome and Firefox and Safari
  • A new multi window tool that looks very intriguing (and productive)

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