Can Mobile Transcription Boost Productivity?

April 9, 2015

Corey Westphal, founder of Mobile Assistant, joined The Digital Well podcast to discuss exactly how mobile transcription works. More compelling perhaps, even than sharing behind the scenes, are his advice on how mobile transcription works best. In short, real people as editors and transcribers and a disciplined quality assurance model, versus using only machine automation to convert voice to text.

As you’ll discover, though Mobile Assistant launched about five years ago – that was after a decade spent transcribing for physicians – a clue as to the depth of understanding how to make this technology effective for financial advisors. I discovered Mobile Assistant and met Corey through helping broker dealers push technology like Redtail’s CRM, discovering the value in mobile transcription to get notes quickly into systems after meetings.

In this episode we explore how mobile transcription impacts productivity. For me it is about how quickly I can get a note documented immediately following a meeting versus waiting a few hours to try and write a recap.

Mobile Assistant has peers in the space, some competitors and others simply seeking to tackle transcription in different ways. Those include Copytalk, Dragon by Nuance and even services like Transcripty. The latter is focused on taking existing recorded audio and transcribing (such as this podcast).

As a way of illustrating how this works, Corey also asked me to submit the podcast for transcription – and you can see our discussion here.





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