What’s Next for Blane Warrene?

December 16, 2013

What’s Next for Blane Warrene?

In co-founding Arkovi Social Media Archiving in 2009 (see here), I had an outlet to implement both my philosophies about technology while also avoiding some pet peeves (features?) I was often annoyed by.

  • Simplicity: to the point of leaving out features that while impressive, will raise the complexity of use,
  • User-focused: it should not take an army of technical resources to run an application – you should be able to configure your own software,
  • Portable: it should not take more software to make a program portable (a luxury we only have in our current era) – if it runs on one computer, it should run on others and other devices,
  • Evolving: a program will take on its own life and we should be able to watch it do so and focus on being a steward of it.

This also allowed me to continue to embrace the web itself as a platform (the non-walled garden and essential to tech’s future, contrary perhaps to conventional wisdom) and my love for digital communications in all its shapes and forms – of course including social media.

Being “from” the financial services industry (more details), I look through a lens that factors in the regulatory environment and the powerful (and complex) relationship between financial institutions, financial advisors and consumer investors. This is also a significant dichotomy of interest, like doctors also being patients, we who work in the industry also need (or should be) customers of our own institutions.

This love for technology and communications married with a highly regulated industry environment demands an understanding where and how to manage compliance, marketing and sales intersect. This is the space I’ve inhabited for years, especially since Arkovi’s 2009 launch.

It was very rewarding to watch Arkovi take on its own profile as we added staff and grew. Then, being acquired by RegEd in October 2012, to see our staff rewarded with positions that enabled them not to only continue growing Arkovi, but to teach an even wider audience how to integrate social media into their fabric.

My task the past thirteen months has been to insure the Arkovi brand and technology were integrated onto the RegEd Platform. During that same time I’ve also preserved some great Arkovi habits that have been a true pleasure – speaking at industry conferences, webinars where we can teach freely without a commercial slant and producing/engineering the Social Media Minute podcast (recently receiving some wonderful attention).

In a whirlwind year of activity, relentless focus means we’ve successfully completed the transition and integration of Arkovi within RegEd – staff, technology and process. As 2013 comes to a close it also means I must now consider the New Year with a new perspective as RegEd has chosen to eliminate my position this month.

That doesn’t change where you find me in the digital world (though some URLs may differ). It does mean you’ll be able to (for anyone interested of course) follow how the path to “what’s next” unfolds for me. I hope you’ll drop by once in a while and as always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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10 comments on “What’s Next for Blane Warrene?

  1. Blane,

    Glad we’ll still be able to take advantage of your insights. Best wishes for your continued success!

    • Thanks for the note Susan and your ongoing support. Glad we also had the chance to work together on some projects. I’m certainly brewing ideas for 2014.

  2. Todd Greider, CPLP Dec 16, 2013


    I agree with Susan and I’m pleased to hear we will still be able to learn from your valuable insights. I also wish you continued success in all your future endeavors! If there is anything I may do for you, please let me know.

  3. Blane:

    I’ve had he pleasure of working with you and getting to know you through the Opening Act, Act Two. No doubt in my mind that the “What’s Next Act” is destined to be epic. I can’t wait……

    The best my friend!


  4. Davis Janowski Dec 18, 2013

    Yes my friend, good luck with what is next, I hope you are able to pursue something both enjoyable and fruitful. Thanks for all the assistance with various projects, conferences and stories in past years too!

  5. Blane, so sorry I missed this when you posted it! It won’t happen again—I’ve subscribed to your email newsletter and your RSS feed.

    You and your leadership of Arkovi have been an exemplary model of what it means to be in financial services and social. From your tweets, G+ posts, LinkedIn updates, podcasts, presentations, etc., I’ve learned a lot from you and look forward to—wherever you are—in the future.

  6. Blane,

    Thanks for pinging me and giving me an update on what’s brewing. I sense a G+ Hangout or two in our future!

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