The Digital Well Podcast: Modern Content Marketing and Financial Advisors

March 4, 2015

The concept of shifting to a digital business model in financial services has pressed on our industry since the emergence of web sites and email in the 1990s. While regulatory adaptation of analog rules to modern techniques has been an obstacle, in recent years this pressure keeping us “behind the curve” is being relieved by a convergence of analysis and effort at the intersection of marketing, technology and compliance.

Being digital is also clearly more than being social. Social media has simply been a visible, disruptive channel that clearly illustrated the shift in how individuals interact, collaborate and even antagonize the brands they do business with.

My research has continued to evolve in parallel with this shift. Within the digital business model, it means looking from a purely social media perspective to a broader view of technology, strategy and tactics and the personalities impacting our everyday efforts to communicate, engage and market. In a recent episode of The Digital Well Podcast, I discussed focusing on identifying the sectors, topics and mediums you can explore when building out your content marketing strategy.

Kicking off this series of episodes is Justin Wisz, co-founder and CEO of Vestorly, one of many seeking to solve the content marketing puzzle for financial firms as they modernize.

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