The Digital Well Podcast: How is Your Backup Solution?

March 17, 2015

A common question asked frequently is about the proper approach for choosing a backup solution in this modern era of individuals owning so many devices. Prior to 2007 an approach to backup meant insuring your computer was being served. Now, if you use a computer, tablet and smart phone in your business – you not only have multiple devices to account for but also potentially three or more destinations where you data is dispersed to and stored. This can wreak havoc on determining the viability and security of your data and your capabilities for business continuity and disaster recovery. Multiply that by your entire team and you can see the myriad of risks to data loss.

From a business perspective, the most common area to begin is with your computer and server backups. Don’t neglect the local copies of data on individuals laptops, where a lot of work gets done and does not always make it back to a central storage place (unless you are using an optimal and business friendly cloud sync solution).

Beyond the desktop are tablets and smart phones. Often the convenience of the handset maker’s cloud backup for the device causes you to overlook some key concerns:

  • If your business and client data is on those devices, is it backed up to the cloud?
  • Is that cloud backup secure and encrypted?
  • How does your business recover or protect that data if an employee loses device, or is no longer working on your team yet device is not returned?

There are a myriad of issues to tackle – and exploring them in this episode helps get your wheels turning to think this through for your business.

Data Backup on

In Episode 29 of The Digital Well podcast we explore a strong approach (we didn’t coin the phrase but it is called 3-2-1 Backup). Tune in and consider the many elements of backup from mobile devices to cloud providers and more.


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