Text Message Archiving? Yes, Actually, Mobile Compliance

April 14, 2015

I met Todd Cohan via my Arkovi co-founder and good friend Carl Cline. Where do those introductions happen? In the compliance world one of the primary annual events is the National Society of Compliance Professionals. In this episode of The Digital Well podcast we explore mobile compliance, text messaging and much more.

Todd launched Mobile Guard in 2009 – then known as Text Guard. Quickly the name shifted as he found the firm interacting with voice and other data (i.e. email and social media) along with SMS and MMS messaging.

Just as we watched social media compliance emerge and evolve during the past five years, text messaging at first trickled into financial services and now has become an additional de facto channel of communication. That might sound ironic considering text messaging has been around for quite some time – however – until regulators and governance technology catch up with our mobile tech – our industry lags behind others.

We explore that in Episode 32 of The Digital Well Podcast. First how the compliance tech capabilities are better – and some very large financial services firms are leading the way in adopting text as a legitimate option for employees. An interesting statistic from the United Nations International Telecommunications Union – there are at least 20x more text messages sent every second than tweets on Twitter. In fact in 2010 the number of text messages per second was 200,000. By the way – if you want to tweet with Mobile Guard – they’re @mobileguardNYC on Twitter.


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