While we really did work, we took a few breaks. This was fun.

FPPad Tech Tour 2015 – Some B Roll from Week One

July 20, 2015

Some fun segments captured by Bill Winterberg and FPPad on Week One of the FPPad Tech Tour 2015 from North Carolina to Virginia to Washington D.C.

Behind the Scenes #FPPadTechTour

Bill Winterberg and Steve Biermann behind the scenes between video shoots

It was a treat to spend time talking technology and financial services. Yet the real reward has been getting to know each other better. Being an audio content creator, I was thrilled with the behind the scenes look at how they produce the tour video and audio content. Likewise, I believe Bill was excited to tap my hobby as a musician to have some fun.

The American Tobacco campus was an amazing scenic backdrop for the afternoon. It also had great resources for iced coffee, lemonade and a cold beer to close out the session.

FPPad Tech Tour B Roll

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