Between Sessions: Social Sharing, Social CEOs & Advisor Dashboards

December 11, 2014

+The Digital Well by Blane Warrene and +Jay Palter gather twice monthly for a Hangout on Air known as Between Sessions. They explore the digital business model and its evolution (both slow and fast) in financial services.

You can thanks Jay for the great name – and our mission is to kindle the conversations in these hangouts that so often occur “between sessions” at the events and meetings many of us in the industry frequent.


Show Notes Agenda:

1. The Art of Aggressive Social Sharing
– Peg and Guy make a great case for sharing frequently and actively on social networks and I couldn’t agree more
– people new to social are always worried about sharing too much, but I say get over it
– you need to share a lot, you need to share content outside the expected range, you need to get inside people’s heads
– your biggest concern is not over-sharing and annoying some people, it’s being IGNORED and INVISIBLE

2. Seven Attributes of CEOs that Get Social Media
– another HBR piece (they are rocking it lately, especially with their new UI design)
– these traits apply to people that get and succeed in social

3. The Battle Of Advisor Dashboards And Client PFM Portals – Advisor Technology As The Engine Or The Interface?
– Kitces does a great job of laying out some of the fintech trends and challenges in this great overview piece

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