Between Sessions: SEO, Social Media Strategies & Backup vs Archive

February 8, 2015

Join +Blane Warrene & +Jay Palter on Between Sessions. Jay came up with a great name to represent the discussions and topics that come up so often at events and meetings in “between sessions” of this agendas.

At the core Between Sessions is an exploration of the digital business model in financial services. We consider the technology, marketing, compliance and more in investigating how our industry is evolving in this new digital era.

Great rundown today on Between Sessions. It seems the conversations on being digital continue to get more focused – a great sign of adoption and understanding in financial services. Like most new technologies that emerge as disruptors – our industry tends to tail behind by several years. On one side of that comment is that it is a necessity – the regulatory oversight needs to adjust to understand how to supervise and mitigate issues with new technology. On the other hand – that can facilitate a culture of resistance to change – even when that change is advantageous.


Our topics today span that perspective:

The changing nature of how to evaluate search engine optimization and results

SERP rankings

…Are important for brand building, over and above conversions
– The importance of ranking in Google for brand and reputation ROI is often overlooked

We segued into the changing tone of questions coming from individuals and institutions in financial services on the use of digital channels like social media. I was able to hear this firsthand after my talk at the National Conference in San Diego last week. The questions used to be:

Why should I use social media?

I thought we couldn’t because of compliance…
How can I get started on social media?

Now we are hearing:

Can I measure the performance of my activity on social media?
Can I bring new social connections into my CRM?
Can I use analytics to measure my web site and social media results?

As a sidebar – we also used the example of effective use of LinkedIn as a way to get more specific tasks planned for use of social media – as well as a clearer way to see results.

See this link with our friend offering up tips.

8 ways to market yourself better on LinkedIn
– “Go one-to-one with 10 of your connections 10 minutes a day.” by @StephSammons
– “I share relevant content that causes them to continue to see me and recognize my name. When I reach out they are a lot more likely to respond than a cold email from somebody who doesn’t regularly use the platforms.” (Brian Murray)
– publish, publish, publish

As a tangent we also discussed the difference between backup and archiving technology – which though a departure from our theme in this session – is forever linked to digital marketing and communications for regulatory purposes.

Lastly we chatted on work life balance – or as Jay likes to call it – the integration of our work and personal lives.

Mastering work-life integration

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