Between Sessions Live from Chicago – Social Media Trends

June 19, 2014

Join Jay Palter and myself as we discuss current trends in social media – live at the Morningstar Investment Conference (appropriately in the social media lounge). Tune in to the conference live from your office or home using the Twitter hashtag #MICUS.

Live at Morningstar Investment Conference 2014The social media efforts at Morningstar (spearheaded by Leslie Marshall) have evolved through the last several years of this event. Starting with fundamentals around staying compliant in financial services to having a professional photo taken for use on social networks as well as LinkedIn profile assessments with recommendations for improvements.

Between Sessions Live from Chicago (and more)

This year the conversations continues to become more dynamic with some firsts:

  • Surpassing 7500 tweets on the hashtag
  • Trending two days in a row on Twitter
  • One on one sessions discussing how to build credibility in longer form content like articles, blogs and podcasts
  • and holding this Between Sessions live from Chicago – a Google+ Hangout on Air on the exhibit hall floor!

Social Media Trends

We cover some familiar ground as these topics continue to surface at events like this. They include:

  • LinkedIn publishing – what are the ins and outs of using LinkedIn as a content destination for your audience?
  • Optimal profiles on LinkedIn (and not looking like a resume) – continued tips and techniques for maintaining a rich profile that will engage visitors.
  • Using LinkedIn as an operational tool – going beyond marketing and networking – and leveraging the connections you make on LinkedIn to solve real problems you run in to. If you are connected to someone and need to reach them – go to those connections who know you and/or know others they can introduce you to.
  • The 80/20 rule of social publishing – an ongoing reminder we continue to advocate. Eighty percent of the time you are on social media be curating and publishing content very relevant to your identity, using the other twenty percent to remind your audience of the products and services you offer.
  • A glimpse around the exhibit hall via webcam

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