Between Sessions Hangout on Air with Blane and Jay Palter

October 9, 2014

Between Sessions

Jay and Blane gather twice monthly for a Hangout on Air known as Between Sessions. They explore the digital business model and its evolution (both slow and fast) in financial services.

You can thanks Jay for the great name – and our mission is to kindle the conversations in these hangouts that so often occur “between sessions” at the events and meetings many of us in the industry frequent.

Great to be back after an ad hoc September hiatus. Great fall continuation of our discussion on the financial services digital business model.

Show Rundown

 +Augie Ray  on the possible death of social media marketing

Jay: “Augie is a smart guy and I can’t refute his main argument. In fact, I agree and I often start my discussions about social media by saying that marketing is not what social is best for.”

Blane: “Social can be too needy for many organizations. It requires customization, with no template, and truly does need distributed to the rank and file as brand ambassadors for it to really produce fruit.”

Julie Littlechild on co-creation of value and engagement

Love this idea of co-creating value with your client:

“Instead of asking what can we offer to clients, in order to drive engagement, we need to change the question to ask what we can create with clients in order to drive engagement.”

FinCon14 & Chris Ducker

Blane was at FinCon 14 and had the chance to meet and hear Chris Ducker speak. He’s a Brit who has lived in the Philippines and started a business that ultimately consumed every bit of his life and he was miserable. He learned how to delegate first but more importantly developed a strong virtual outsourcing model. This is not the 4 hour work week dream model but a more realistic discussion he held. He just wrote a book about it – Good insights – to us some are obvious – but excellent stories about breaking bad habits and getting more efficient. 


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