The Sectors of Content Marketing

November 18, 2014

Once you’ve built out a strategy and policies for bringing digital marketing into your business (which includes social media), one of the seemingly insurmountable walls is planning for content. Content marketing does not have to be so mystic and unapproachable. Use the sectors of content marketing outlined below, and discussed in episode 22 of The Digital Well podcast, to simplify your planning.

Four Sectors of Content Marketing on

I have used these sectors in my workshops and presentations to help think functionally about how to begin identifying topics you will cultivate into content. It also helps to start to consider the natural themes and cycles of your business that will certainly produce content you perhaps had not thought of.

Mediums Matter in Content Marketing

Always remember your mediums. Meaning – don’t just think articles and text – but also consider using audio (like podcasting or lectures with supporting material), video (either screen casting or on camera sessions) as well as imagery, illustration and presentation material. Look at what folks like Carl Richards and Oxygen Financial do to extend content across mediums.

The Sectors of Content Marketing

Education is the low hanging fruit of all content opportunities. Take the topics that come up in discussions and meetings regularly where you find you have to instruct clients and convert them into content pieces. For a small practice with young clients just starting out – this could be the ABCs of personal finance, such as how ETFs are used an why, or what is a bond fund? If you have more sophisticated investors with investing experience perhaps you are explaining (in approachable fashion) how ERISA laws impact large retirement accounts or how foreign monetary policy could affect international bond funds….

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