Schedule Social Media Posts – Do You? The Digital Well Podcast

March 5, 2014

Schedule Social Media PostsThere is a lot of discussion and opinions when it comes to automating digital content. This could be when you schedule social media posts, social sharing, pushing content to your blog or even email marketing. I find it is a balance of being genuine in your content creation and curation – while taking advantage of the technology to take the burden out of distributing the content.

Tools to Schedule Social Media Posts

I prefer Buffer for social scheduling as I can stay very involved with looking across numerous profiles and personalizing content shares. I have worked with other tools that do this well (i.e. Hootsuite, Sprout Social), I just happen to prefer Buffer. I buy Buffer for Business so I can have all of my social profiles (both individual and business/page accounts) in one central location – for publishing and for analytics.

I explore this in the latest podcast episode of The Digital Well. I would look forward to your opinions on scheduling and automation in the digital business model.

I have spoken about this before as well – you can see it in Reuters/Chicago Tribune.


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