Who Powers 22% of ALL Web Sites? WordPress

April 17, 2014

Yes – that is 22% of all web sites online today. A dramatic scale for what started as a small, open-source project for personal blogging in 2003. Now that equates to use by more than 60 million sites, including many major international brands.

The conversation in business spaces used to start with a smirk when one mentioned WordPress as an easy way to bring up a site or blog. However, the days of easy hacking or compromise continue to be a distant memory with a new slate of tools custom built for the solution – including some by its own developers at Automattic.

After raising many millions in the recent past, Automattic is now raising $100 million in outside equity to become a major force in content management. This seems more realistic considering the existing scale they have versus some of the more bubble-like capital raises in recent years for firms with no revenue.

In this edition of the Digital Well podcast – I explore the components of running WordPress securely for business. Knowing many of you are exposed to or use WordPress – I would welcome additional comments and thoughts on plug-ins you utilize for security and stability.

Show Links:

VaultPress – https://vaultpress.com/plans/

VIP WordPress – http://vip.wordpress.com/our-services/

Backup Buddy – http://ithemes.com/purchase/backupbuddy/

WP All in One Security & Firewall – http://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall/

WordPress competitor SquareSpace – http://www.squarespace.com



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4 comments on “Who Powers 22% of ALL Web Sites? WordPress

  1. Great points Blaine.

    I would include WordPress specific hosts like http://www.getflywheel.com (it’s where we host our sites). They only host WordPress sites and guarantee to keep the hackers out. In addition to automatic backups (without the need for additional plugins), some helpful add-ons like CDN and SSL support, they also perform FREE migrations from your old host.
    All that starting at $15 per month (based on resource usage).

    • Joseph – thanks for reading and the comment. Flywheel looks pretty intriguing, especially if it precludes having to add plugins. Though just for peace of mind and disaster recovery – ‘d probably still use VaultPress (unless that is what they integrate in). I also passed along your recommendation to a designer in the midwest who was asking about this very issue – a reliable, multisite WordPress host. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for recommending us Joseph!


    Great show!

    To clarify some things … our backup system is custom and takes a nightly full backup (database and files) and stores them offsite on Amazon. We do not recommend using backup plugins unless you plan on things being stored off site as well. In which case, VaultPress would work fine.

    When looking at price though – we include all of their Premium ($40/month) features built into your hosting panel starting at $15/month. At Flywheel he handle the backups, nightly security scans and we build in caching to make sites Fly.

    Let us know if you have any other questions! Maybe we can hop on your podcast someday? 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for the additional details Rick. This has become quite an important topic as most do not keep current with how WordPress has evolved. Its been a three part growth in the right direction – more care and curation in plugin community, better underlying tools (i.e. VaultPress) as well as web hosts designing custom hosting solutions for WordPress for business (that would be you).

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