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How I Podcast on The Digital Well

August 4, 2014

The Digital Well is supported by Message Watcher, a modern message archiving solution supporting email, instant messaging, social media and more. And by Grantstreet Creative, a creative design agency providing services for web site design and management, search engine optimization and more.

I’m asked quite a bit how I podcast. What tools do I use, how do I host and publish episodes and more. In this episode of The Digital Well podcast, I cover the basics of those three areas:

  1. Creating the podcast,
  2. hosting and publishing,
  3. distributing the podcast.

Also see the audio and podcasting tip sheet we’ve created at QuonWarrene.

I am also pleased to announce The Digital Well is available across all mobile devices:

  • iTunes
  • Stitcher Radio
  • Xbox Music (no link – but find it searching for Blane Warrene on your Xbox Music account)




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