Pat Allen, Rock the Boat Marketing, Talks Asset Manager Marketing

April 7, 2015

Continuing the discussion around content marketing in financial services on The Digital Well podcast, Pat Allen joins me in Episode 30 to discuss the state of marketing and asset managers. Allen, who operates Rock the Boat Marketing in Chicago, has a deep well of expertise to tap. Her career began as a mutual fund marketer (she won’t let me mention when that began!). She now advises asset managers on doing business in the new digital world – and shares much of her analysis on her blog.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat via Twitter in 2009 when I was launching Arkovi Social Media Archiving and received some great advice and guidance on marketing a new start-up in our industry. This has carried over into ongoing conversations about the intersection of compliance, marketing and technology since.

Here we explore the current state of digital marketing for asset managers – covering everything from blogging to social media and advertising.

A great example is found at 39:20 in the episode – where Allen cites the evolving example of transparent conversations happening on social media (my words) as Advisor Shares publishes an opinion and response to research produced by Eaton Vance. (see the tweet below)

If you missed it – we kicked off discussing content marketing in Episode 28 with Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly.



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