Michael Kitces on The Digital Well Podcast, from the Morningstar Investment Conference 2014

June 24, 2014

The Morningstar Investment Conference was held in Chicago last week at McCormick Place. From the live traffic as well as the trending hashtag on Twitter, this was a successful event! Talk about good fortune – we also caught up with Michael Kitces, who is on the road perpetually. We nabbed him after he completed several speaking appearances. After a harrying trip in courtesy of airline delays and storms – he powered up with Starbucks and sat in the Social Media Lounge for some discussion about his latest business developments and more.

Morningstar Investment Conference selfie

Michael is at left with glasses in his traditional blue shirt and black jacket.

For those who need some background – Michael is an industry thought leader and provides wonderful resources for financial advisors, such as:

  • Weekend Reading – a curated collection of must read articles from around the industry
  • The Kitces blog, Nerd’s Eye View – Michael’s place to share this thoughts, as well as a guest author from time to time
  • His newest company, XY Planning Network – focused on defining the modern financial planning practie
  • as well as aggressive calendar of public appearances, you can see some of those dates here.

To catch other updates on The Digital Well – subscribe here. Read my overview of the Social Media Lounge at the Morningstar Investment Conference on day one and day two.

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