LinkedIn Networking and Getting Real Results

July 29, 2015

LinkedIn networking is a big, broad topic. It is also critical in your networking recipe as business has forever been transformed by new communication channels incorporating social media. David J.P. Fisher joins The Digital Well podcast in this episode (see below) and explores just how it works with LinkedIn – and more importantly how this social channel weaves into your traditional networking offline as well as pairing up with other digital networking and marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Networking Advice Live at Morningstar

I was able to see this in action, not only through David’s latest book, Networking in the 21st Century on LinkedIn, but also as he joined me in the Social Media Center at the Morningstar Investment Conference in in June 2015. David was advising asset managers and financial advisors dropping in for guidance on being digital in financial services.

David has been laying the groundwork on networking for some time. What appeals to me is his focus on getting you to take the principles and skills cultivated in analog (offline) marketing – and apply them to how we engage online. He noted this in an article last year:

[quote]How can you compete if you can’t set yourself apart by your access to information? You get back to basics: You build your business the traditional way…you build relationships. You become not only a trusted advisor, but a valuable one – an advisor that helps your clients make the best decisions possible. You work to understand their specific needs so well that you become indispensable. You know what they need more than they do…and then you let them know that you know more than they do (in a nice way). Ironically, one of the best ways to do that is by using the same technology that leavened the playing field… social media. Tools like LinkedIn, blogs, and your website become the platforms where you can share your unique perspective. It’s where you demonstrate your brand – who you help and how you help them.[/quote]

We consider how this works in the real world right from the exhibit hall floor at the conference. Don’t forget if you have questions you’d like answered on the podcast you can submit them here.



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