Where #FinServ Content Begins? Perhaps at #FinCon14

September 18, 2014

FinCon14 Expo in New Orleans

Choosing to be a content creator requires a mixture of things – education and some life experience,perhaps some training and ongoing nurturing. However, building a network and circle of influence among peers pursuing the same path always add value beyond practice, study and the like.

FinCon, with the moniker where money and media meet, is just that opportunity. Founded by Phillip Taylor in 2011, it is in fact a community-focused gathering of bloggers, podcasters and other content creators who happen to focus their passions on financial services. I am at FinCon14 in New Orleans with Stephanie Sammons, founder of Wired Advisor as well as an event speaker.

“You can really sense the energy here this year,” Stephanie mentioned to me. “What was a burgeoning field for content creators in financial services a few years back is brimming this year with success stories of blogging, podcasting and other creative endeavors.”

Jeff Goins at FinCon14

Jeff Goins in kickoff keynote at FinCon14

It is an interesting mashup of individuals and firms focused on documenting the world of finance through their content along with enterprise like Chase, Experian and Vanguard who are embracing the digital sphere as a way to connect with the new generation of investors and advisors. It is also great to see firms that truly bridge the divide between those two sides, like XYPlanning Network, who are in essence both advisors serving investors while also living and working in the digital business model that demands quality content that reaches beyond their clients.

Jeff Goins is a good choice to kick off the event. As someone who discovered his passion for writing and found a way to channel that into his career, he is a realistic speaker who doesn’t candy-coat the mentality needed to take a hobby or passion to a full time initiative. A good storyteller also means he is enjoyable to listen to.





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