Excellent Summer Reading from Rock the Boat Marketing

August 1, 2014

Pat Allen, a favorite industry thinker and blogger I follow, set out what she calls beach reading for the asset manager segment. In reviewing her article, I’d call it summer reading as I’m going to need some time to get through it. However, that’s not a bad thing, as it is packed with good information.

There are some recurring themes that keep trying to get our conscious attention, some at a broad level (such as her reference to the KPMG work that pushes us to continue being students of the modern digital business). This same meme is significant now in the advice delivery channel for financial advisors. We see this from the recent World Wealth Report as well as in the evolving conversations of robo-advisors and traditional advisory models.

Coming from an IT background in financial services I’ve dived right into her recommended reading from Limelight Networks in “Optimizing the Digital Experience”. As Allen notes it leans toward the technologist but I would heartily advise marketers to read the complete report.

There is much more, and yes mobile is at the top, as it should be with nearly half of all traffic on digital channels from portable devices versus folks sitting in front of workstations at their desks.

As an aside, if you are beach reading, it’s incentive to keep that traditional Kindle or Nook reader as you can load most if not all of the reports Allen references on those and read in the sun. If your going tablet, don’t forget the beach umbrella so you can see the screen!

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