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July 16, 2015

A lot of questions come in to The Digital Well podcast around networking – both via social media as well as traditional networking – for me I consider that follow up. I address many of those questions in this episode of the podcast. It is timely as I just returned from the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago – where I spoke about mobile technology as well as serving as a subject matter expert in the Social Media Center and the Morningstar booth.

Three Segments of Follow Up

  • Pre-event activities (I realize “follow up” is a bit of a misnomer pre-event, yet it sets the stage post-event activities)
  • During the event
  • After returning home from an event (and don’t wait too long – maybe 5-7 days at most)

It is essential to bridge the analog-digital divide when thinking about follow up and networking. Social media is now a critical communications channel, as email has been. However, there is nothing like a traditional handwritten note or a direct phone call where it is appropriate. Balance the mix to insure those you are seeking to follow up with do not just feel like entries in an attendee list being sent an email blast.

You can tune your follow up to match your preferences as well as the types of contacts you are making. I.e. some may require a phone call due to a strong engagement at an event where nothing less will be appropriate. Yet, some very brief introductions at an event may warrant a LinkedIn InMail or direct email and other steps prior to shifting to phone call or traditional written correspondence.

How do you build that follow up plan? Tune into The Digital Well podcast below and in just 10 minutes you can outline your next steps for event follow up.


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