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January 30, 2014

Cold Wintry Raleigh During #TDAI2014I left a cold and wintry Raleigh, North Carolina behind to speak at the TD Ameritrade National Conference in usually sunny Orlando. For the pre-conference day – it remained a bit chilly with clouds (49 & light rain). The good weather will hold true for Orlando – but it is delayed to day two of the full conference on Friday (forecast 75 and sunny). My primary disadvantage – as it was not clearly forecasted (though I was not watching any tweets about Orlando weather – oops), is that I packed for temperatures in the 60’s. Oops again.

In Episode 2 of the Digital Well – its an event-driven agenda and influenced a bit by the hashtag:

The Twitter Hashtag Matters for Events

  • Why the hashtag matters and how it can help you (tune in to #TDAI2014 to explore) – the Twitter hashtag, from it’s roots, was intended to provide structure around unstructured data (tweet!). Originally for convenience, now the hashtag is being used as a way to drive a backchannel of conversations at an event. While a brand powering the event may seek to drive at least some of the narrative, what makes the hashtag intriguing is the lack of control. If you want to know what is going on and attendee feedback, watch the hashtag closely.
  • What the theme is for discussing digital this year (my third year consecutively speaking at the national show) – aka social media compliance with a focus on being disciplined in getting your social media policy, training, editorial calendar and the technology setup and efficient.
  • Three tips for event follow up, post-conference – don’t wait too long as it is important to circle back on event meetings, conversations and opportunities while the experience is still fresh and top of mind.

Thanks for tuning in and keep sending your questions and comments. A reminder – The Digital Well is on iTunes as well.

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