The Digital Well Podcast Episode 7 – Make Your World Smaller on Social Media

March 27, 2014

Grappling with the massive scale of social media in your business? Taking some steps to make it more manageable is a smart step to more effective use of social media. This can be to target your social media initiatives regionally (geographic filters) or topical (carving out a niche focus on your expertise).

In this episode of the Digital Well podcast, we explore this as an add-on to my latest Investment News column on the same topic.

I also mention QuonWarrene, the company I co-founded with Neal Quon and continue to advise financial advisors and financial institutions from in my post-Arkovi world.

A tip of the hat to the latest Digital Well podcast sponsor, Message Watcher. Message Watcher provides email, Bloomberg and social media archiving and surveillance solutions to the financial services industry. Drop by their site and let them know how you found them.


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