Being Digital Not Just a Luxury in Financial Services

February 12, 2014

Its been insightful to both observe and participate in the emergence of the digital business model in financial services, largely driven by the expansion of social media in the last five years. I first discovered social media in 2004, joining LinkedIn then Facebook. I had already been blogging, shifting from a column I wrote for the ECT News Network to the original Movable Type blogging platform.

After co-founding Arkovi and QuonWarrene in 2009, being digital literally became a segment of my everyday life and it had been a joy to watch it unfold in our industry.

Choosing to be digital in financial services is no longer a luxury. I’ve witnessed this shift from trend to reality during the past five years, most directly as an archivist and adviser to firms in our industry. Here we explore three key areas where indicators point to the mainstream embrace of the digital business model.

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