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April 25, 2016

Data Security in Financial Planning

I had the pleasure of joining XY Planning Network Co-Founder Alan Moore on the network’s podcast this month talking cybersecurity and financial advisors. Data security in financial planning has never been more critical to tackle. For those in financial services, it grows more complicated to keep pace with technology for efficiency and customer service. Not only does your business have standards and preferences to solve for, but also the added layer of regulatory requirements at the state and federal level to satisfy. When it comes to technology security, this is not something you just want to “get the passing grade” on.

Data security is about more than just the data. It is about behavior, setting good policy standards in your business and thinking of all aspects of how you and your team touch, access and create data. A big part of security is understanding how we work – both when at our desks and using a work computer, versus when we are on the move or at home after hours. Everywhere and each device we use has an impact on the overall success or failure of your data security efforts.

In the podcast we cover a lot of ground.

  • What do financial advisors need to be archiving?
  • How to determine what technology you need for archiving
  • What about backups? We discuss thinking through how you back up data (not to mention testing restoring it to insure it is working!)
  • We also explore security thinking about disk encryption
  • How to handle securing your Internet usage in and out of the office
  • What about other practices – like two-factor authentication to help strengthen your use of passwords for online accounts
  • Is the cloud a viable option in your security strategy?

Tune in to XYPN Radio and be sure to ask any additional questions you may have – I am happy to cover those in The Digital Well podcast!

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