Privacy, Security Workshop for the Digitally Engaged

Facilitator: Blane Warrene

Workshop Time: 45 Min & 90 Min Options

Format: On-site speech, workshop, virtual Webinar and/or Conference Call

Workshop Overview

From the first days of the personal computer and subsequently the emergence of the Internet; privacy, security have been discussed. The Electronic Privacy, Security Workshop will help guide you and your team.

In our new digital era, the saturation of devices, social media and the always-on nature of society raises the risks to individuals and businesses as they interact online. The need to understand and apply good practices for privacy and security has never been more critical. More often than not – the risk lies in our behavior versus the failure of a device or a system.

Thus it is a combination of best practices in our own habits as we use devices online and the effective selection of technology that will help us steer clear of risk. This workshop focuses on exploring the everyday issues surrounding privacy and security for businesses and their employees – with actionable, real-world steps to reduce those risks.

The Digital Literacy Electronic Privacy, Security workshop provides a comprehensive toolkit for understanding where to watch for risks. In any of the formats, we will cover:

  1. Understanding how to protect your online accounts, systems and devices
  2. Clear guidance on how to maintain control of mobile devices ranging from security to GPS and WiFi
  3. It is not just firewalls and anti-virus – it is also how you communicate online and your digital behavior
  4. Passwords, passwords, passwords

Workshop participants will also have takeaways they can put to use right away, including:

  • A list of respected apps for managing passwords securely
  • A tip sheet on Two Factor Authentication
  • A list of respected apps for securing Wi-Fi
  • Guidelines for securing and backing up mobile devices securely
  • Overall review of good and bad behaviors with technology

Workshop Format

The Digital Literacy workshop can be presented in varying formats depending on the needs of the client. The material and discussions can be held live or performed as a virtual session. Clients can choose a focused lecture approach (traditional speech with questions at end) or a workshop format with presentation and interactive questions – both in on-site and virtual formats.

Virtual sessions will be recorded and made available to the client’s guests who were unable to make the live session. In addition workshop tools will be in electronic versions (PDF, DOC and XLS) available for download via hyperlink.

Facilitator Bio

Blane Warrene Privacy Security Workshop

I speak regularly around the country on the intersections of compliance, marketing and technology. Learn more.

Blane Warrene is a national expert who speaks, writes and advises on modern technology. His career has included 20 years in and around technology for organizations spanning from financial services to non-profits. After serving in progressive executive roles he co-founded a social media-monitoring platform in 2009, Arkovi, which he raised capital for, grew and ultimately sold to RegEd in 2012.

He is a sought after speaker, speaking at the national conferences for Morningstar, Tech Leaders, United Planners and TD Ameritrade, AICPA and NAPFA among others. In addition he has spoken at the New York Stock Exchange and more.

To hear Blane discussing security and privacy – listen in on this X&Y Planning Network podcast where he discusses a broad range of topics.

Blane advises organizations on the modern digital business model and how to navigate this new intersection of compliance, marketing and technology. Blane writes for and can be found commenting in many publications, including Financial Planning, Investment News and The Wall Street Journal. He also hosts a regular podcast, The Digital Well, which can be found at his website at

Though a lifelong Ohioan, Blane and his family reside in the Research Triangle in North Carolina. Blane serves as a board member on the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, an Ohio national historic landmark.

Workshop Objectives

Attending the Digital Literacy Workshop will provide you the tools and knowledge to accelerate your organization’s understanding of privacy and security for the active online user. By the end of the workshop, attendees will know:

  • How to secure their passwords and protect online accounts from being hacked
  • Better protect business and confidential information as it extends to mobile devices
  • What to consider when posting information online (such as social media) and how to determine the audience
  • Which tools are optimal for monitoring and securing the devices they use, including for Wi-Fi

Provided Materials

Hyperlinks to online handout material will be provided as the workshop is in progress. The following material will be available to all participants upon completion of the workshop, within 48 hours:

  • A transcript or audio recording of the presentations and lectures given during the workshop
  • The Presentation materials (Power Point or PDF slides)
  • Sources, resources or other tips provided during the workshop (provided in bibliography)

Privacy, Security Workshop – Costs

Formats: On-Site

  • Speech, 45-60 minutes: $2500
  • Workshop, 90 minutes: $4000
  • In addition to speaking fees, client will be required to provide travel, transportation and lodging.

Formats: Virtual Workshop

Blane Warrene provides workshops for 45 min and 90 min sessions at the following rates.

  • Each individual 45-minute session: $1500 for up to 250 attendees
  • Each individual 90-minute session: $2500 for up to 250 attendees
  • $500 per recording, post event
  • We provide the online meeting software, accommodate registration services and also provide the recording services.

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