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Calling All Musicians in Financial Services

August 21, 2014

Editor’s Note: If you are curious about music stop by Music Musings, a Flipboard magazine I curate with Russ Thornton. We’ve got more than 37,000 readers tuning in on the app!

Calling all musicians in financial services? For The Digital Well? Yes! Some of you know I have been a lifelong musician, both as a hobby and a brief stint professionally in the early 1990s. It was then I developed a love for creating original music – from complete songs to themes, ideas and melodies. In fact you’ve heard some of that music on podcast past and present.

Being that I remain active as a musician – I also find myself in musical discussions and discovering musicians all throughout the financial services industry in my frequent travels. As I have a forum that can include music here with The Digital Well – I thought, “Why Not?”. So, if you’re a musician or have a family member who is, and are creating original music of any kind, and would like to let folks hear it – submit for possible inclusion as an intro and outro track on one of The Digital Well episodes! We will cite it and promote it with the episode.

Some pre-emptive FAQs:

Since I am not a fan of extended legalese, but am also pragmatic and understand we do need legal involved, here are my basic requirements:

  1. I am looking for musicians working in the financial services industry (and too broaden it a bit) and/or their family members.
  2. The music has to be original and in your complete ownership (I cannot do battle with record companies unless they are offering it up along with you)
  3. YOU remain the complete owner of the music. You are simply giving me permission to freely include it in one or more episodes of The Digital Well podcast and distribute it with the proper citation to you as artist and owner of the music.
  4. There will be a release signed by you stating the points two and three above.

Being a lover of music of all stripes – my collection has everything from pre-classical (“early music” – one of my favorite genres) to Iron Maiden, Rush, The Police, Coldplay and much more – I am hoping to accomplish two things:

  1. Discover new sounds and music to enjoy and share
  2. Perhaps (its not impossible), help a musician share their creations and get some extra attention.

Contact me to discuss the details and tune in below!


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