Between Sessions: The Disruptor Array (is this Star Trek?)

March 18, 2015

Join Blane Warrene & Jay Palter on Between Sessions. Jay came up with a great name to represent the discussions and topics that come up so often at events and meetings in “between sessions” of this agendas.

At the core Between Sessions is an exploration of the digital business model in financial services. We consider the technology, marketing, compliance and more in investigating how our industry is evolving in this new digital era.

Today’s rundown

We kicked off making note of the Implement Now (#INow15) running this week ( Both Jay and I join a group of 22 experts discussing everything from marketing to technology and security for financial advisors.

Likewise – I re-surfaced the discussion around scheduling social posts versus focusing on having all social media engagement in real time. I have a preference for being engaged with connections and followers, yet with my content creation (podcasts, Between Sessions et al) I like to queue posts on social media via on my WordPress site.

Jay sounded in and agreed that some level of scheduling is just a requirement to work around schedules, working with clients, travel, etc. In his view the key is insuring you are crafting individual messages for scheduling when you need to do so versus just simply blasting the same thing over and over.

The Disruptor Array…

  • Excellent summary of the coming disruption of financial services (and other sectors) and how to respond as an investor
  • concepts of exponential growth and simplification are key to understanding business model disruption
  • “Automation is going to take over every single repetitive task.” Robo-advisors in financial services are an early indicator of this trend. And the entire #fintech space is focused on deconstructing banking and financial services into it component parts and automating these parts so they are better, faster and often cheaper.
  • Responses offered for investors also have relevance for business leaders in #finserv:
    1. Pay attention to innovation
    2. Understand difference between additive and disruptive
    3. Old firms can develop new tech
    4. Beware of virtuous cycle

The Trillion Dollar Social Capital Industry…

  • With all this discussion of disruption, what should you be doing? Building social capital, of course.
  • This article captures the essence of what social networks and social networking is all about: adding value to and accruing goodwill from your networks
  • Human knowledge-building activities will be increasingly important during this disruptive transition, as repetitive knowledge operations are automated
  • Building social capital is about being adaptive and learning on the fly; it’s about building networks of value to which you a contributor and beneficiary


Partners in Crime: The Power of finding you creative collaborator…

Jay says “I love this article because it describes how I see my working relationship with my clients”. Blane likes the end – how to collaborate.

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