Between Sessions – You’re NOT Using LinkedIn Publishing?

May 16, 2015

Join +Blane Warrene & +Jay Palter on Between Sessions as they discuss the digital business model in financial services.

Our May episode kicks off with a discussion that continues to surface – and while simple – still serves an an obstacle to many professionals wanting to use social media. Simply – how exactly do I use LinkedIn beyond just as a profile or bio destination beyond a web site?

Well – Jay and I discuss many options. Jay also captured the core five key steps in a great blog post – see it at….

This led us to an additional question that came up during my talks at the recent SEI Investments conference in Tucson, AZ. What if I am being asked to join a social network I had not planned on using?

My answer is – it depends. Jay’s was “go where your clients are!”. Tune in for the conversation.

Finally – we walked through some articles Jay found in his weekly curation activities, that include:

7 truths about the encounter economy…
I (Jay) love this post because it captures some essential changes that are brought about by so-lo-mo technology. Last time on BS we talked to Julie about creating value in partnership with our clients. This notion of the encounter economy is sending a similar message: we need to create love-like engagement experiences with our clients. We need to recognize that we can create value that is NOT about our core business (see truth #5) and we need to think broadly about who our competitors are. Transactional business models will be targeted by digital systems for disruption, so focusing on the most human aspects of our business relationships is an important strategy.

What Hollywood can teach us about the future of work…

“Our economy is in the midst of a grand shift toward the Hollywood model. More of us will see our working lives structured around short-­term, project-­based teams rather than long-­term, open­-ended jobs.” This is how you and I (Jay) already work. And we are about to be joined by many more people. This is why social media literacy and constant social networking and audience-building is an essential survival strategy of the early 21st century.

I (Blane) also mention Brian Grazer’s new book on curiosity – which is or should be required reading.

Why we share things online…

Understanding why people share online can only help you succeed in your content marketing efforts. So, why do people share? Because it expresses their identity. Because they want to help others. And because they are entertained and want to entertain. “People want to share entertaining, informative, and relevant content. Give them that, and they’ll share your content enthusiastically to reinforce who they are and what they find valuable.”


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