Between Sessions: Sorry, There is a Tornado, I Have to Go

July 23, 2015

Streamed live on Jul 22, 2015

Join +Blane Warrene and +Jay Palter on Between Sessions. Jay came up with a great name to represent the discussions and topics that come up so often at events and meetings in “between sessions” of this agendas. At the core Between Sessions is an exploration of the digital business model in financial services. We consider the technology, marketing, compliance and more in investigating how our industry is evolving in this new digital era.

Today’s Between Sessions Rundown

Today’s (abbreviated) conversation stems from the concept of being digital in financial services. That is a moniker I bring to the episodes from The Digital Well podcast – whose tagline is “being digital in financial services means many things to many people and I explore that”.
[quote]By abbreviated we mean that Jay was faced with a serious tornado warning at the outset of the episode and had to drop – so I sought to bring some of his perspective on the shortened edition.[/quote]

Blane’s Elevator Pitch Rant

We kickoff today with a mild rant from me – as part of research I was immersed in last week – I reviewed 150 technology provider web sites to identify (above the fold) if I could determine in a sentence or two what they do. This was successful on 23 of 150 web sites. The remainder I had to click around a few pages to get to a block of text (again – only looking for 25 words or less) that said – “this is what we do and who we do that for”.

Bad news – that widgets and parallax and cute icons have become so prolific that apparently some marketing departments have forgotten the audience they serve is busy. Have at least one sentence above the fold that states that.

Being Digital in Financial Services

McKinsey in a timely manner released a brief on that same topic of being digital this week and we explore it.…

Jay notes that it starts from your perspective and thinking about your business before you implement the first change or new technology.

I bring in the thought that while it may start on the perimeter with marketing and communications (or even HR) – that the core of your business, operations and service delivery, also need to embrace digital and what that means.

Paywalls (and millennials)

Finally we wrapped with a discussion on paywalls (see…) and how they may not work all the time (that is me being somewhat optimistic).
I find that a paywall for the WSJ or New York Times works as I value and need that news – but I cannot continue paying paywall after paywall for everything I need online.

In Jay’s voice – that is where real world curation comes in – and why it is worth paying for. Finding the 10-20 important things for you or your clients that add value out of the thousands of pieces coming out every week.

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