Between Sessions: Personal Branding 101 for Individuals and the Enterprise

February 18, 2015

Join Jay Palter and myself on Between Sessions as we explore the digital business model in financial services.

Today’s episode rundown:

How the elite consulting and accounting firms use social networks

Key points
– LinkedIn is the most important network because reputation is the most important factor in selling work
– privacy is critical, similar to financial professionals
– “marketing” is not what they see themselves doing online, it’s more about thought leadership

Personal Branding

Key points
– avoid excuses: “I’m not a branding person” or “I let my work speak for itself”
– define your mission and test it (“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” ~ Sinak)
– use social media to BE your brand (don’t just talk about it)

A great article by Sherry Carnahan on the fundamentals of social media she learned from her pre-social media father.


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