Charting a Financial Services Event Hashtag

January 28, 2014

It is intriguing to explore archived Twitter hashtag data – especially around an event.

In this look at a sampling of the Top 20 tweeters at a 2013 financial services industry event, we see some interesting results.

Quality & Relevance Matters

As you can see in the chart – the sheer number of tweets does not guarantee a higher percentage of engagement. The retweet percentage climbed not by size of audience but through relevant conversation and sharing – where followers were compelled to share that. Thus the % of RT’s actually climbed even as the number of tweets sent by that Twitter account went down.

Follower Size Does Impact Mention Volume, but Events Can be Equalizer

While the certainty of statistics tells us if you have a large group of followers (assuming engagement happens) you will see a larger ratio of mentions of your Twitter account. However, events may be an equalizer as we see from the second chart below. In this case, mentions were somewhat distributed across Twitter Follower ranges due to focus on the hashtag – where the content was being consumed and shared based on topical relevance et al.

Opportunity Awaits for the Social Event

Clearly even in a small sampling as we have here – we see the opportunity for any event where social is formalized into part of the operational plan.

  • Defining the hashtag and promoting it widely
  • Encouraging a back channel during activities within the event
  • Curating some conversations and content, participating in response and thank you’s
  • Providing a post-event path to follow up materials (recording, presentations, et al) via that hashtag

In addition, the value of discovery from analysis during and after the event allows for a richer view:

  • Hashtag participants, demographics on their followers and following
  • Insight into analytics – number of tweets, mentions and percentage of RTs
  • an endless array of analysis on the archive data…

Chart Legend: Charting a Financial Services Hashtag

Circle Size

The size of each circle represents the number of tweets sent during the event, using the hashtag

Circle Color

The color groups the circles by the range of Twitter followers they had during the event

Color Follower Range
Red 1-499
Olive 500-999
Green 1000-4999
Blue 5000-9999
Dark Purple 10000-19999
Light Purple 20000-up

Circle Percentage (%) Label

The percentage (%) abel represents the percentage of their tweets that were retweeted via the hashtag during the event.



Circle Chart: % ReTweet’s by Follower Size and Number of Tweets Sent

undefined4%: 1654%2%: 582%21%: 7121%56%: 5456%33%: 4833%19%: 3719%0: 4608%: 508%52%: 2552%25%: 2025%31%: 1631%69%: 1369%17%: 1217%42%: 1242%18%: 1118%

Dendogram Chart: Number of Mentions by Size of Followers


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