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LinkedIn Networking and Getting Real Results

LinkedIn networking is a big, broad topic. It is also critical in your networking recipe as business has forever been transformed by new communication channels incorporating social media. David J.P. Fisher joins The Digital Well podcast... Read More
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Event Follow Up – Networking Tips

A lot of questions come in to The Digital Well podcast around networking – both via social media as well as traditional networking – for me I consider that follow up. I address many of... Read More
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You Like Windows Phone, What?

Yes, I said it. The technology advisor who has used Macs since 1999 and the first release of OS X. Yes, he who has had multiple Macs, all iPad models and iPhones 4 through 6.... Read More
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Windows 10 is Coming (and it looks interesting)

Pre-Windows Background Many listeners to The Digital Well know I have been experimenting heavily with operating systems the last 24 months from phones to tablets and laptops. Briefly, I started on computers with DOS and... Read More

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