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Assembling Your Social Media Team on

It Really Is a Team Effort

The success or failure of your social media initiative, and especially effectiveness of your policies and procedures, hinges upon the team you assemble. It starts at the top with ownership and/or senior executives. They cannot simply sponsor but need to be engaged in the process of the development of your social strategy, policy and then execution. […]

Four Sectors of Content Marketing on

The Sectors of Content Marketing

Once you’ve built out a strategy and policies for bringing digital marketing into your business (which includes social media), one of the seemingly insurmountable walls is planning for content. Content marketing does not have to be so mystic and unapproachable. Use the sectors of content marketing outlined below, and discussed in episode 22 of The […]

How the financial plan process can help with your social media initiative on

The Financial Planning Process Can Help You with Social Media

When I entered the financial services industry in the mid-90s, one of the first concepts illustrated to me was the financial planning process. In effect, as I was charged with supporting financial advisors, I had to understand how they delivered a key component of their services to clients. Soon after I found myself mulling over how […]

Don't Have a Blackberry Moment via Blane Warrene

Don’t Have a Blackberry Moment

Social media is about five years old in financial services. Not that someone didn’t use it before 2009 – but that is essentially when it started emerging in our industry. In the past 12 months industry adoption of social media just surpassed 50% across all major surveys – making it much more mainstream. The regulators […]

Reduce Digital Risk in Marketing via Blane Warrene

Reducing Risk in Digital and Social Media Marketing

It is fast becoming unacceptable to use compliance as the wedge and concern for not exploring how to incorporate digital marketing and social media in business. I discussed this recently with Wealth Management magazine. However, it is clear, especially in our industry, that there is risk to be assessed and understood when using digital channels […]